Neuroimaging docker images with GPU support

Hi, i am looking for gpu supported docker containers. I need freesurfer, ants, fsl, spm packages with matlab runtime, and cuda drivers installed. I have an issue creating it manualy, because spm didn’t found available matlab, It looking kind of mess trying to find all path dependencies. Moreover, particular version of distro need to install some packages, so I couldn’t reconcile nvidia based layer and, e.g. Neurodocker layers.

Not a direct answer, but I think it would be possible to bring your existing CUDA installation into a docker environment by passing the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable into Docker --env variable. Just make sure the drives containing the CUDA libraries are also mounted! Also, you will need to enable GPU usage in Docker How to Use the GPU within a Docker Container.

Similar rules apply for Singularity (i.e. defining singularity environment variables with your libraries, mounting the libraries, and enabling GPU with --nv).