Neuroimaging postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, USA

Dear NeuroStars community,

The Brain Imaging, Development, and Genetics (BRIDGE) lab, part of Stanford University’s Division of Brain Sciences, is seeking two full-time Postdoctoral Fellows in brain imaging and/or human genetic modeling. Ideal candidates will have a solid neuroscience, neuroimaging, and/or human genetics background.

BRIDGE focuses on neuropsychiatric disorders, specifically those associated with RASopathies, such as Noonan syndrome and neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1). In our NIH-funded research, we employ three unique approaches: 1. Taking a genetics-first approach, we study children with known genetic conditions who exhibit attention problems, irritability, and deficits in social cognition. The approach differs from traditional research, which begins with the child’s symptoms. 2. We apply in-depth phenotyping of the child’s brain, genes, and behavior using brain imaging, genetic testing, and behavioral assessment. 3. We use large publicly available data sets (>10K children) focusing on child brain and behavioral development. Our goal is, therefore, to uncover how genetic variation and its associated downstream pathways affect children’s developmental disorders.

If interested, please see the official posting for additional details at

Thank you,
Mira Raman, Research Data Analyst
BRIDGE, Stanford University