Neuromatch meetup in Oxford/Cambridge/Bristol/London/UK?


Following the example of our colleagues in Berlin, I think it would be cool if we organised a socialy-distant (masks included) meet-up for the people who did Neuromatch and are at or around Oxford. We could maybe set-up some Coding sessions/Computational JC/Other actvities too.

I was also thinking that also, pandemic permitting, we can think of even a more UK wide meeting/hangout? It would be cool if we created a network of NMA clubs around the UK. I would be also happy to show people around Oxford together with other local neurosceintists, chat about sceince and maybe even think about colaboration/networking. I could also travel to London/Cambrdige/Bristol or other places for a day-visit. AFAIK, NMA would soon do matching for students by interests and location too. I think also very soon, they would make the neuromatch algorithm availabe for public use. So maybe we can wait for that and then organise ourselves but also happy to meet randomly too haha.

Who would be interested? Reply to this post, DM here, on twitter or LinkedIn.

NMA enthusiasts unite!


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