Neuromechanics people?

Hi everybody,

After finishing the academy, I still got a question that did not get to be answered. Is there anybody that focuses on neuromechanics in a way that is trying to bridge the gap between the neuroscience and biomechanics? anybody who is trying to glue together trained brain models that can be used to probe possible changes in how human movement (i.e. walking) changes as we change the trained brain models?

I would love to make some kind of connection with someone who is trying to do this! I hope someone gets to read this and maybe get some collaboration going!

I hope everybody who participated in this year’s academy feels as happy as I am.


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I used to work on that in C. elegans but the field there is not that computational-friendly :sweat_smile:

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I’m delighted to hear this as I’m interested in insects bio-mechanics and Neuroscience but I don’t have much experience

what you mean by C. elegans? is that a structure/molecule in the brain? and what you mean by not that computational-friendly? if there is something I have learn is that you can make any data computational-friendly. After all, that is how we analyze any data we collect in the lab.

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C. elegans (a type of nematode worms) is a model organism that has a relatively simple nervous system composed of ~300 neurons. And by not computational-friendly, I meant the community that studies C. elegans are not very accepting to computational ideas thus making it hard to get something published+not much quantitative data about the nervous system available to be used in a model.


this might be of you guys interest
A framework of a lower limb musculoskeletal model with implemented natural proprioceptive feedback and its progressive evaluation