Neurostars now has LaTeX support and dates

Support for LaTeX

We’re heading into math-y days at NMA, and @PradeepGeorge has turned on LaTeX. Put an equation between dollar signs, e.g. $\exp(i\pi) = -1$ and it will render like so \exp(i\pi) = -1. Here’s one of my favorite equations:

\mathbf{y} \sim \text{Poisson}(\exp(\mathbf{X}\mathbf{w}))

Support for dates

We all know by now that dates and timezones can be confusing, so when you share a time and date, please use the date widget, which appears to the right of the post toolbar


It’s always been there, but very few people know about it. It allows to write dates which are timezone-aware and automatically translate. For instance, instead of writing 9PM Wednesday Cairo time, I can use the date widget like so:


This creates a date that is automatically translated into your local timezone, with automatic translation to other timezones on hover: 2020-07-22T19:00:00Z. We have people from over 50 countries here, let’s make it easier to understand each other with this tech!