Neurostars Outage Aug 22

Hi everyone,

We had an outage in Neurostars on Aug 21/22 for about 10 hours. I am travelling abroad and didn’t get the notifications right away.

It looks like a system update ran into a snag because Github ( which hosts some of the dependencies ) had some connectivity issues. The upgrade abort caused the app container’s file system to become corrupted, which made rolling back slightly more complicated.

I went ahead and rebuilt the application with the newer version and restored the previous database backup. I also switched out the container’s file system from devicemapper to overlayfs ( which has been recommended by the Discourse developers because of corruption issues with devicemapper ).

Apologize about the outage. Please let me know if there are any issues.

best, Chris.

I’m afraid some things are still not working reliably. For example loading of images:

Yikes, looks like some of the file uploads had permissions problems on the restore. I corrected that and they should be being served now. Is there anything else that’s not working correctly?

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Seems to be fixed. Thanks!