Neurosynth for resting state connectivity

Hi everyone!
I have some trouble understanding if we can use Neurosynth to see the resting state functional connectivity maps. Lets say I want to see the group differences in functional connectivity between Autism and healthy individuals for some seed region. Can anyone point me to how to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @varunk,

There are major discrepancies in methods and reporting practices across papers.
Seed-based studies may be the most common, but there are many papers using ICA, graphs.
These techniques can appear in combination in a single article.

Understanding what seed was used, and matching them across studies, is a major pain for a human, and will be very difficult to achieve automatically.
We went through that process with Dr Badhwar for this paper,
We ended up grouping seeds based on an atlas of large parcels.

There is no consensus about how to best approach this problem.
For this reason there are few systematic meta analysis of rs-connectivity.
Maybe neurosynth have found a quick-dirty-but-still-useful workaround, but I doubt it.



You can’t (and shouldn’t try to) do this with the Neurosynth data or Neurosynth tools; it has no concept of population or group.