Neurovault: Change Accessability to public

Dear neuroVault experts,

How does one change the accessability setting of a collection from private to public? I uploaded a collection as a private collection during a review process. Now that the paper is accepted, I would like to make it a public collection. However, for the life of me, I just cannot find how to edit the according settings (tested this on MacOS using Firefox and Chrome).

Thank you!


Hi @thoern

Thank you for your message! To make a collection public - this can be found from your collection main page under edit -> collection metadata. In collection metadata at the very bottom is the button to change the accessibility to public. If you have troubles, please let me know what the collection is and I can do this too

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Well, there it is. :flushed:

Thank you so much, Franklin!

Hi Franklin,

I also want to make my collection public, but the settings you described are not available to me. I can see them on an older collection I have, but not the newer one. I’m guessing this is because we tasked a staff member with creating the newer collection, and she added us as contributors so that we could later administer the collection, but as contributors, we don’t have full administrative privileges for the collection. Is the only way to have access to all settings to create the collection yourself? And can we transfer this collection to another account now to get full access?

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hi @jopo7006

Thank you for your message. It appears this may be the case - cc: @rwblair to share more insights on the permission level model and account transfers

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