Neurovault: no longer able to upload separate mgh files

Hi, everyone.

Our group uses Neurovault to decode structural overlays. Normally, we add images to a collection by uploading separate mgh files for the left and right hemisphere.

Since the last few days, this produces an error. The website now requires a bihemispheric volume.

Is this an intended/permanent change in neurovault, or is it a temporary glitch?

Being able to decode structural overlays is crucial to our analyses, so I would appreciate any help concerning this.

Thank you!


I’m the current maintainer of NeuroVault and we recently had to do an unplanned server migration and upgrade, so this is likely fallout from that .

What collection number have you been attempting to upload to?

Hi, thanks for getting back so quickly!

It was collection nr 13756 - but my colleagues tried with different collection numbers and it did not work, either.

Thank you!

Hi Charlotte,

One thing I can say is that in the long term it probably is the plan to deprecate NeuroVault as a place to do analyses, and constrain its functionality strictly to uploading volumes.

However, I can also say that we are working on a new version of neurosynth that could potentially provide decoding directly into that interface.

Also, we have a dedicated Python library for meta-analysis, which includes functionality for Neurosynth based cognitive decoding.

It is available here: NiMARE: Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment — NiMARE 0.0.13+11.gad09e4f.dirty documentation

The decoding documentation is here: NiMARE: Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment — NiMARE 0.0.13+11.gad09e4f.dirty documentation

It is a bit more work, but maybe in the meantime this can help you. Feel free to ask us follow up questions (I know the documentation may have some knowledge gaps)

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Hi everyone,

I have encountered the same problem lately that I’m not able to upload separate mgh files for the left and right hemisphere anymore. A couple of weeks ago it was still working fine.

As I need to upload these structural overlays for my analyses, any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

I wanted to update with a better link for NiMARE documentation. There’s a long example of how to do decoding in NiMARE in the NiMARE paper book: Meta-Analytic Functional Decoding — NiMARE: Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment

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Hi adelavega,

Thank you for getting back to me and for clarifying. This is really good to know.
I hope you will keep this functionality in place for as long as possible. I know there are some alternatives out there (including Nimare), but none are as straightforward as Neurovault - so, for now, we really depend on Neurovault :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your support and for this fantastic software!

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@johanna_l Can you try the upload again, I believe it should be fixed.

@charlotte1 Thank you for the detailed information on the issue.