New Docker image (v3.1.5 June 11, 2019)

New minor release this morning!

  • Conda installed a version of vtk that broke the C++ code (
    • updated to install VTK 8.2
  • Nipype is breaking with “UnicodeEncodeError” when it tries to generate reports
    • added “encoding=‘utf-8’” in nipype files in the docker image to resolve issue #175
  • Zernike moments stopped working because scipy.misc was deprecated.
    • replaced with scipy.special
  • Non-default (Gaussian, min, max) curvature file names were incomplete.
    • fixed the names so that they have the same filestem as the mean curvature file
  • Image links broken in docs and in the Jupyter notebook tutorial.
    • moved images to a new GitHub repository “nipy/mindboggle-assets”
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