New publically released dataset on repeated MRI scans

Wanted to share that we’ve released a new dataset on open neuro.

30 scans, across 4 people, 4 years, and 6 MRIs. It was collected as part of a larger study, as annual ‘human phantom’ scans. Its a bit… naturalistic… in that we didn’t plan it out as a careful series of replication scans. So, one person had to drop after year 2, and was replaced, then all the MRIs got upgraded to prismas.

We’ve included T1, diffusion, and resting fMRI in the release. FOr ean example of how such a data set can be useful, see our prior work on a subset of these scans:
A longitudinal human phantom reliability study of multi-center T1-weighted, DTI, and resting state fMRI data - PubMed (pubmed central version available)

Link to repository:

Data descriptor paper hopefully incoming. happy to answer reasonable questions if they arise.