New to fMRI - resources & tips?

Via a discussion in my Pod for those who haven’t much experience:

any resources for those who are relatively new to handling fMRI data ?


please share the resources i m also new to this …

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this might be very broad, but the OHBM people gathered some usefuls information here:

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This website has a lot of resources (datasets, analysis software, toolkits, etc.) for neuroimaging techniques, including fMRI.


I would also recommend this and this website - these are the lists of different resources such as lectures, workshop or courses at various levels of difficulty.

Personally, I really recommend the “Principles of fMRI” course on YouTube: - it introduces the most important features of fMRI and fMRI data analysis - how it works, what’s the physics behind it, how the data obtained from fMRI becomes “an image” we see etc.


These “primers” are a fantastic starting point. They helped clarify several concepts that others just ignored or skimmed over.


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Two more in depth tutorials from @gili.karni