NIFTI data preprocessing procedure questions


I’m relatively new to the neuroimaging stuff.

I have a set of NIFT data, which has multiple trials for each subject, and each trial is consisted of just one volume of data (no time series, just one frame). What kind of preprocessing steps are appropriate and how do I do it?

I quickly looked through some SPM tutorials and most of them focus on realignment and normalization of functional data, which I think is not what I have since I only have one frame for each trial. Many of them also mention anatomical image and functional image, what are the differences between them?

recap of my questions:

  • What is the differences between anatomical and functional data

  • For my data set described above, what are the appropriate preprocessing steps and how do I do them?


@stevenydc - a good place to start would be to read the specs for BIDS. although the intent is about data organization, it will help you get oriented to different types of data in brain imaging.

regarding preprocessing steps, you can start with something like this tutorial section.

once you are more familiar with data types and processing you need, you can start looking at various tools that help with running complex workflows (e.g., Nipype, BIDS Apps).