Nifti_read_buffer warning

Dear experts,

In the hope of your prior encounter with this strange behavior, I am seeking your help:

At a certain moment in time, many of our scripts failed to work due to an underlying library problem (ubuntu 16.04 LTS). After reinstalling fsl, this problem does not occur for fsl routines anymore (previously in bet), yet for afni (3daxialize) it somewhere stops halfway writing the file. Ofcourse, all following steps fail as well. The message I get concerns reading the data in the subsequent step (nifti_read_buffer, bytes needed). I downloaded most recent afni tools and removed all old instances. No segfaults mentioned in the system logs either. I hope someone recognizes this behaviour. Also ldd shows no recent changes in the underlying libraries.

Thanks in advance!

Luckily, I managed to resolve the issue: zlib 1.2.9 was recently installed, yet afni crashed on writing out nii.gz files (not .nii files). So the solution was to downgrade / revert to zlib 1.2.8. Still, strange there are no error messages to be found.