Nifti resampling using AFNI

Hello, anyone could help me opening and downloading AFNI? Unfortunately the site seems unaccessible despite deactivating security parameters and I need to resample my niftis before I run an ICA, and the flirt command FSL does not fulfill my aim.
Thank you in advance for your help =)

If you have singularity or Docker on your workstation you can download an AFNI container. Docker Hub


What link are you using to access the AFNI website? This page loads fine for me:
… and I tried downloading from one of the links therein. You should be able to find your operating system type there and install things.

There are times that the webpage might be temporarily down (and please contact us via the Message Board if that appears to be the case:
AFNI Message Board :: AFNI Message Board), but things seem fine at the moment.