Nilearn AHDH tutorial

I’m following nilearn’s tutorial with the AHDH dataset.

design_matrix = make_first_level_design_matrix(frametimes, hrf_model='spm',
first_level_model = FirstLevelModel(t_r=t_r, slice_time_ref=slice_time_ref)
first_level_model =[0],

I have a few questions:

  1. all options common in make_first_level_design_matrix and FirstLevelModel have to be exactly the same right? For example, if I define drift_model='cosine' in make_first_level_design_matrix do I need to do the same in FirstLevelModel? Or does FirstLevelModel ignores its options if design_matrices are given?
  2. Since the AHDH dataset are resting state data, why do I need an hrf_model?
  3. Is there an option to inform FirstLevelModel that I haven’t performed slice timing correction?
  4. make_first_level_design_matrix adds a constant to the design matrix automatically. However my data have been already demeaned, is this column still required?
  5. Also what should the output_type be if I intend to use these images in a group level analysis?