Nilearn combining regions from available atlases into unique atlas

Hi there,

I am hoping to use specific regions within datasets.fetch_atlas_juelich(‘prob-2mm’) and datasets.fetch_atlas_harvard_oxford(‘cort-maxprob-thr25-2mm’) to form a unique non-overlapping atlas.

Is there a way in nilearn to ‘pull out’ regions and combine them while maintaining a dictionary-like structure which includes .maps and labels? I plan to choose regions that do not overlap.

Thanks in advance!


I did recently write some code to combine parcellation NIfTI files, although not “just” unique non-overlapping parcels (basically I make a decision to assign the overlapping voxels to one of the parcellations). So while its not exactly what you want, you may find the code useful anyways. As long as you can combine the NIfTIs then you can make your own dictionary structure that holds the data you want.