Nilearn datasets.fetch_atlas_yeo_2011() error

Hi all,

I’m running datasets.fetch_atlas_yeo_2011() and get the following error:

URLError: <urlopen error ftp error: [Errno ftp error] 550 Failed to change directory.| Error while fetching file; dataset fetching aborted.>

Not sure if this is an issue on Nilearn’s side or of it’s something to do with my computer?

Thank you in advance!

For those looking for an answer,

The FTP URL for the yeo_2011 dataset is incorrect in nilearn. To download the yeo_2011 atlas, you’ll have to manually enter the URL, like so:

datasets.fetch_atlas_yeo_2011(data_dir=[path], url=‘’)

Thanks for reporting this (and the solution !) @ryanhucla ! I wonder if the renaming happened when the Freesurfer server crashed a few weeks back.

I’m not sure if the better course of action is to ask the Freesurfer folks about the file path or to update nilearn…


Where can someone find the actual labels of the networks ? E.g. Network 1 is is XXX, 2 is YYY etc ?

Hi @makaros622

In the Yeo lab resources they include a description of their released parcellations including their names for the 7 network and 17 network solutions !



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Not sure how this might be integrated with Nilearn, but we recently worked with the Yeo group to make new versions of their atlases. Both surface and volumetric datasets are available. The volumetric ones are made for the MNI_2009c asymmetric template space.

updated Schaefer-Yeo atlases here:

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Great thank you a lot.