Nilearn Developer position

We are looking for a programmer to join our research group, Parietal team, at INRIA, to work on Nilearn, a library applying advanced machine learning and signal processing to functional brain imaging.
As a programmer, you will be developing tools for the analysis of cognitive neuroscience and “functional connectivity” –brain connectivity inferred using functional MRI. Large databases have been made available with these types of data and require powerful data analysis software.
The project unites neuroscientists, data-miners, statisticians and clinical researchers to transfer recent advances in basic neuroscience to clinical diagnostic tools. Your duties will be to work hand in hand with the computer science and statistics researchers to turn the research code into a solid and well documented Python library usable by clinical researchers. In particular, to make the core data-processing routines more usable, the project will develop specific data visualization. The technologies used rely on the scientific Python stack and scikit-learn machine learning library

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Bertrand Thirion


This position is to work with Parietal team, Inria. Please contact us if you’re interested !

Is this position still available?

Yes it is. Please contact me if you wish to apply.

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