Nilearn Office Hours

Dear friends and colleagues,

We will be holding office hours around Nilearn on a regular basis from now on. :tada:

Our goal is to have one hour every two weeks where at least one core-developer of Nilearn will be connected to answer questions.
We also wish to use this time to have live discussions around Nilearn and possible directions for its development. This is a good place to talk about potential feature requests for example.

The next and first office hour will be held on Monday June 28th from 4pm to 5pm UTC on Discord.

If you have questions or if you want to talk about Nilearn, please join us!

See you there!

The Nilearn Team


Are the next office hours going to be next Monday at the same time?

Hello Steven, due to the summer constraints, they have been moved by one week to Monday July 19th from 4pm to 5pm UTC.

For reference, the up-to-date annoucements regarding those office hours are on github

Hope to see you there!


Please note that we changed the time of the office hours such that more core developers could join these events.
From now on, we will have them every Friday from 4pm UTC to 5pm UTC, on Discord.
So, the next hour will be Friday November 19th, 4pm-5pm UTC.

See you there!

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