Nilearn result region output and display question


Recently I had asked the Nilearn team for help putting in coordinates and getting the region from the DiFuMo atlas from those coordinates and they were kind enough to write that language, so here is a link to that:

Relatedly, when depicting a statistics image from results, does Nilearn have the ability to depict both an ICA type image with something like a t-map overlayed within the same command? So, in effect including two results within one command. FSLeyes allows this in their viewer, but I would like to use Nilearn if possible. Thank you!

Do you mean that you want to overlay a statistical image on top of an ROI image ? Or that you want to display simultaneously two real-valued images ?

(Note that the above script is super slow… depending on your need, it can probably be made way more efficient.)

For the ICA image, I have the option to show either what appears to be just a 0/1 mask of the component, or I think a z-stat image. I want to overlay a t-stat image on that to show a significant cluster that covaries with the ICA network. Is that possible with Nilearn? Thank you!