Nilearn view connectome not overlapping

Hi everyone! I am trying to plot a graph derived from averaged fmri correlation matrices, by using the code
from nilearn import plotting

values = listnet(nx.closeness_centrality, G, distance=‘distance’)

plot = plotting.view_connectome(matrix, node_coords=node_coordinates)

node_sizes = np.array(values) * 100 # Adjust the scaling factor as per your preference
node_colors = values

plot.node_size = node_sizes # Set node size
plot.node_color = node_colors # Set node color

plot.open_in_browser() }; when I get the actual plot the graph with its nodes and edges doesn’t overlap with the brain surface, as you can see from the image.

Anyone knows how to correct this?

Thank you so much!

are the node coordinates in MNI space?

They should be, but I am going to double check that, thanks!