Nipreps/dmriprep docker:problems to find images

Hi, I am trait to use dmriprep docker, but I have a problem putting the DWI images in the container.
I use the command
docker run -v C:\bids:/bids -v C:\qqq:/out nipreps/dmriprep:latest bids out participant --skip_bids_validator
that works for fmriprep
but in dmriprep I obtained the fallowing error
docker: Error response from daemon: error while creating mount source path ‘/run/desktop/mnt/host/c/Users/Alumnos/Ra/ReDLat/examples/data1/bids’: mkdir /run/desktop/mnt/host/c: file exists.
Someone can help me
thanks in advance


I think QSIPrep is at the moment a more mature app for processing DWI images.


Thanks, Steve
I will take a look