Nipype dmri: eddy correction inputs

I am trying to use nipype’s pipelines fro dmri artifact correction (those in nipype.workflows.dmri.fsl.artifacts), but am confused about how to concatenate them.
In particular I want to run head motion correction (hmc_pipeline) followed by eddy current correction (ecc_pipeline). (I wan to skip susceptibility artifact correction for now).

I see that ecc_pipeline has an in_xfms input that can come from the output of hmc_pipeline. If I do this, should I provide as input to ecc the diffusion images corrected for head motion of those before motion correction (which assumes that ecc_pipeline will concatenate on its own the transformations from hmc and the one ecc computes)?

Thank you!

Solved this by using directly the interface to FSL’s eddy command, that computes the motion and eddy current correction simultaneously. Thanks!