NiPype First-Level Analysis: feat_model not found

Hi there,

I’m attempting to run first-level analyses using FSL (via NiPype pipeline) and running into a persistent issue: OSError: No command "feat_model" found on host Cest-Richard.local. Please check that the corresponding package is installed.

I’m currently running NiPype from a local jupyter notebook, but intend to port it over to my university’s HPC once I work out the kinks and get it functioning. This seems like a PATH issue, as I certainly have FSL installed:

Sanity Check - FSL is installed locally


My Python / FSL paths (cat ~/.bash_profile)


My (breaking) Code


Let me know if I can provide more context here. Appreciate the help in advance!

All the best,

Restarting the machine seems to have fixed it … sometimes it’s the little things