Nipype: Nested iterables, select one for joining?

I have made a simple post-processing workflow for task-fmri with 2 runs. Data has been pre-processed using fmriprep.

The first few steps, are performed on each run separately. So far, files are iterated over using IdentityInterface and SelectFiles:

from os.path import joinpath as opj
from nipype.interfaces import io as nio
from nipype.interfaces.utility import Node

# Subjects to process
subject_list = ['01', '02']

# Session to process
session_list = [1, 2]

# Task to process
task_list = ['name']

# Runs to Process
run_list = [1, 2]

# Image space to be processed
space_list = ['MNI152NLin2009cAsym']

infosource = Node(niu.IdentityInterface(fields=["subject_id",
infosource.iterables = [("subject_id", subject_list),
                        ("session", session_list),
                        ("task", task_list),
                        ("run", run_list),
                        ("space", space_list)]

mask_file = opj('sub-{subject_id}', 'ses-{session}', 'func',
func_file = opj('sub-{subject_id}', 'ses-{session}', 'func',

templates = {"mask": mask_file,
             "func": func_file}
selectfiles = Node(nio.SelectFiles(templates,

The final step step requires mask inputs from all runs within a session. How could I join these? (i.e. join only mask inputs that have varying run fields, but constant subject_id, session, etc. fields)