No module named 'bids.grabbids'

Hi all,
I was trying to run mriqc in my local environment.

I just try some simple command for testing. I got an error called ‘ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘bids.grabbids’’. But I can import bids in my python.

Can anyone help out?


You’ll need to upgrade fmriprep to a newer version (>=1.2.4) or downgrade pybids (<=0.6.5).

Thanks! But my fmriprep version is already 1.3.0, do you know what happened?

Oh, sorry, you said MRIQC. I went by the “fmriprep” tag. It looks like MRIQC still uses bids.grabbids, which is deprecated. I’ll post a fix over there.

It looks like it might not be trivial, as there have been some major API changes to pybids since 0.6.5. So I would downgrade to pybids to 0.6.5 for now.

Sorry, I didn’t really get you, do I need to reinstall MRIQC?

No, the pybids dependency is too new. Try:

python -c 'import bids; print(bids.__version__)'

That’s probably going to be 0.7.0, 0.7.1 or 0.8.0. You need version 0.6.5:

pip install pybids==0.6.5

It works, thank you so much!!!