NODDI results from QSIrecon

Dear Group,
I’m looking at NODDI outputs from two QSIrecon pipelines, and I have the following questions:

  1. Why does multishell_scalarfest produce separate GM and WM variants of each metric, e.g. ICVF_gmNODDI and ICVF_wmNODDI, when the amico_noddi pipeline does not produce a separate measure for GM and WM?

  2. NODDI can apparently produce the NDI metric, but the amico_noddi pipeline does not currently do so. Why isn’t this metric available?

Thanks as always for your time and guidance!

Hi Dianne! There was a paper awhile back that showed you should use different parameters to estimate NODDI in gray matter than in white matter. I figured this use case would be rare so I only added it to scalarfest and kept the official NODDI workflow just estimating WM NODDI.

I’m not sure about NDI, I’ll take a look.

Thank you on both counts…I’m learning.
If you happen to have the reference, on the GM-WM differences, I’d love that too.

Hi @Dianne_Patterson,

ICVF is synonymous with NDI.


Yay! Thank you for clarifying. That really helps.