Nonhuman primate ephys BIDS spec?

It seems this spec is mainly for fMRI researchers. I saw that there are new specs for EEG, MEG and iEEG. However, I couldn’t find anything for nonhuman primate ephys recordings comprising spikes and the LFP signal. Did I miss it? Is this something the project will consider sometime in the future?

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Hi @bryan

Thank you for your question and raising this! Perhaps @sappelhoff or @Cyril_Pernet can provide further guidance on this

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As far as I am aware, there is currently no work for non-human electrophysiology. Perhaps this BEP026 on microelectrode recordings is somewhat related?

The list of all extension proposals to BIDS is here

there will be i think coming out of the PRIMATE project – this is still quite new so I’m not sure – if that’s something needed why not starting it? there are some animal proposal already worth checking


Thanks @sappelhoff, the MER BEP is indeed related. I don’t know if it will be used by NHP researchers though.

Thanks @Cyril_Pernet Is there a link so I can learn about the PRIMATE project?

sure here