Normalization and dimensions in different versions of fmriPrep

Hi all,

Some of my subjects were pre processed using fmriPrep 1.4.8 while other using 1.5.8.
When running SPM level 2 analysis, I’ve encountered an issue with orientation. All subjects analyzed with one version has slightly different orientation than those analyzing with the other version.
version 1.4.8 [2 0 0 -98;0 2 0 -134; 0 0 2 -80]
version 1.5.1 [2 0 0 -98.5; 0 2 0 -134.5; 0 0 2 -80.5]

Should that be the case? Is it a matter of other definitions in while running? As I want to run some projects and Continuously pre process them, I’m wondering if I should settle on latest version and stick with it from now on.

We strongly recommend sticking with a single version for all subjects.

From the FAQ:

We follow a philosophy of releasing very often, although the pace is slowing down with the maturation of the software. It is very likely that your version gets outdated over the extent of your study. If that is the case (an ongoing study), then we discourage changing versions. In other words, the whole dataset should be processed with the same version (and same container build if they are being used) of fMRIPrep.

On the other hand, if the project is about to start, then we strongly recommend using the latest version of the tool.

In any case, if you can find your release listed as flagged in this file of our repo, then please update as soon as possible.