(normalization) VS (resampling to MNI space)


I’m a newbie in MRI field.
I would like to know if “normalization” with ANTs and “resampling to MNI space” with Nilearn is same ?


There are several terms which are used when discussing the process of calculating a mapping between two images, including registration, normalisation, transformation and resampling, and there is some inconsistency in their use across all of the different neuroimaging software packages. But regardless, all software packages allow you to perform two tasks:

  • Calculating the mapping between the two images - this is usually referred to as registration or normalisation.

  • Applying that mapping, in order to bring the data from one image into the space of the other - this is usually referred to as resampling or transforming.

Most neuroimaging software packages allow you to perform these steps separately, as often you will only want to calculate the mapping once, but then apply it many times. But it is also possible and common to perform both steps at once, which may cause confusion when these terms are used.

Thank you Paul for a clear answer !