Not making a decision is a decision?

1- I’m wonder if not making a decision is still a decision?
2- in Steinmetz dataset, in response, 0 means no go task . how we can interpret it: mouse decided to not move the wheel because there was no stimuli or mouse just didn’t make decision?
Dear @Athena , do you have any comment about this?

you could analyse the “miss” trials in the steinmetz data maybe there’s something there? Not being able to make a decision is also a feature of depression… something to think about!

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I’m thinking about it. But not sure how can I differentiate between not deciding and deciding to not act!! Any idea?

use the 50/50 contrast trial and compare/contrast? As there is presumably no decision to be made because the mouse receives a reward regardless of which way the wheel is turned but turning the wheel controls for the motor part… idk if that makes sense!?!

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Can’t understand your mean very well about motor part. Do you mean that rotating the wheel in any direction is a decision by the way?!


There are two conditions:

  1. There was no stimuli …>> No-Go… >> Reward
  2. No contrast different… >> either left or right turn … >> Reward

That means mouse decided to not move the wheel because there was no stimuli and she was trained to behave that.

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yes sorry, I mean there was no decision to be made but there was an action that was initiated to obtain the reward

It was no go task without stimuli, but we had auditory que for before it, so how can we be sure that it was no decision situation or deciding to not act situation? maybe after hearing que, mouse decided to don’t rotate the wheel! or maybe just didn’t decide!