OCNS Industry SIG

Dear all,

I would like to propose an Industry SIG, where we (a) explore the applications of computational neuroscience in industry, paradigms of successful start-ups and established companies, (b) create a framework where an aspired computational neuroscientist could sail smoothly from academia to industry. The academic institutes can use this framework to prepare and support such transitions.

If you interested please introduce briefly yourself (background, interests) and any ideas on how we could make it an effective platform aiming to keep open revenues and communication between these two worlds.

Best wishes,


About me:

I am Maria (Psarrou), currently working as a Lecturer in Computational Neuroscience, at the University of Birmingham.

My research and educational background are interdisciplinary and cover a wide range of areas, mainly comprising developmental neurobiology and computational neuroscience. I have obtained an MSc in Neuroscience and worked as a research assistant and also completed a Ph.D. thesis in Computational Neuroscience (UH Biocomputation Group). My research experience and expertise involve investigating arithmetic operations, such as gain modulation, and bursting behaviour of single neurons and their determinants, such as dendritic morphology, input topology, ionic mechanisms, and stochastic processes.

I would like to start the Industry SIG because I believe such a platform would be beneficial and helpful for all the Computational Neuroscientists, independently of their career stage.