OCNS Infrastructure/software/tools SIG: meet and greet, initial discussions

+1 Yes, I think everyone should be allowed to do everything too.

Thanks very much @malin :slight_smile:

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Yes, to start off with we probably don’t need any restrictions in place, especially as all the members are more known to each other. When (not “IF” :wink: ) the group gets bigger we could think of some formal structure if necessary.

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My Github username : gangulyanubhab98

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Thanks, I’ve added you to the GitHub team now. You should’ve received an invite. Can you also please comment on the Google doc with your info for the SIG page when you have a minute?

Hi folks, thanks for suggesting changes to the Google doc. I’ve accepted them now.

This is the last call for changes. I will submit the doc to INCF tomorrow around 1200 UTC.

@zova137, @chaitree.baradkar.24, @maximilian.hoheiser, @ethanbb, @gangulyanubhab98 : please note that your info is incomplete in the below document (see page 2)

It would be great if you could update the same today. Thanks.

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Hi all, short update: your INCF working group web page is in the works and will be published as soon as we can (we’re rushing for a grant). Also, new verbiage - from last week onward all SIGs and WGs will simply be referred to as Working Groups, to lessen the confusion. If you happen across a stray mention of “SIG” somewhere, please point me ot it.

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Thanks very much @malin: “working group” works very well. I’ve updated the doc to use WG instead of SIG now. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

Hi everyone, sorry for being late to the discussion. I’m Andrew Davison, I’m involved in many projects related to computational neuroscience and to data management in neuroscience, such as PyNN, Neo, EBRAINS… I would like to join the SIG/WG.

I’m also the webmaster for http://neuralensemble.org, which was mentioned earlier in this discussion. I would be happy to add tools to the software list there.


Hi Andrew! We pretty much counted on you coming along at some point… :slight_smile:

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Hi @apdavison! Great to have you here too! I’ve added you to the Google doc now:

Hey guys, we’re starting a comp-neuro discord server because we think that researchers should be able to communicate easier, especially in times of home office and lock downs around the world. We’re explicitly inviting all students of computational neuroscience to join and share their questions, links to papers, and software and tools they’re working with.

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Thanks for the tip, I have joined. /Malin, INCF

Hi folks,

I thought it’ll be good to have a first meeting (also so we can get a WG photo over zoom etc.) at the start of the new year. I’ll set up a whenisgood early in Jan—it’s a little too early to be able to block time now?

I also wanted to make everyone aware of this Developer room at FOSDEM 2021:


The call for papers is here:

We had presented NeuroFedora here last year, and had got some really good feedback. So I’d encourage everyone to try and participate. I think some of the NeuroFedora volunteers may even try to help with the organisation this year.

FOSDEM is free to attend:


Hi everyone,

Happy new year! I hope you had a good break.

I’ve set up a whenisgood to find us a time for our first meeting in the last two weeks of January. Could you please fill out your availability there (please select all slots that work for you):


Mega mass pinging: @Shailesh_Appukuttan @malin @caglarcakan @apdavison @zova137 @chaitree.baradkar.24 @maximilian.hoheiser @ethanbb @gangulyanubhab98 @Amelie

Please feel free to suggest items for the agenda. At the moment, I can think of:

  • quick introductions (name, background, current position, tools used/developed/supported),
  • progress check on guidelines (I promise I’ll have the first bits ready before then!)
  • choosing slots for user/dev sessions
  • WG meeting at CNS*2021 (hackathons/dev focussed workshops/tutorials too?)
  • ?
  • group photo for INCF WG page
  • open floor

Mass ping part 2: @mstimberg @chalin @kernfel @joewgraham @tnowotny @jam @brent @ramcdougal @ChristophMetzner @nikolajajcay

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Last mass ping: @pgleeson @danieleavitabile @jmp @heitmann

@jmp My GitHub username is jimperlewitz I am the webmaster of https://compneuroweb.com

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Thanks @jmp. I’ve sent you an invite to the GitHub organisation now.

Hi Ankur,
thanks for the ping. Sorry I haven’t been following this thread. I have responded to you when-is-good request and my github name is stewart-heitmann. Thanks for organizing.

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