OCNS Infrastructure/software/tools SIG: meet and greet, initial discussions

Hi @heitmann! No worries. I’ve invited you to the GitHub organisation now. Cheers!

Thanks everyone that has already filled in the wheisgood.

Can everyone who hasn’t please ensure that they fill it the next 24 hours? I’ll close it tomorrow at 1100 UTC and send out an announcement with the time that we’ve found.

Additionally, I don’t know if we’ve shared this resource here yet:

Please add any FOSS tools that you develop or use there too. It also looks like a good portal for Open Neuroscience tools.

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Hi folks,

Thanks for filling in the whenisgood. We weren’t able to find a time that works for everyone, but we did find a slot that works for 8/10 people, so we’ll use that.

The meeting will be at 1000 GMT on January 26, 2021.

Please use this link to see the results, and the meeting time in your time zone:


The link should also contain an iCal file you can use to add the event to your calendar apps. I’ve also uploaded it here (I had to add a .txt suffix to upload it here and you may need to remove it for your app to recognise the file as an iCal file):

WhenIsGood.ics.txt (310 Bytes)

I’ll set up a meeting and share the link next week before the meeting. Is there a platform people prefer for the meeting?

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Thanks for the info on " open-neuroscience.com". We are considering adding some of our projects to that list. Regarding the platform for the meeting, I think any of the regular options (like Zoom, Google Meets) should work fine, and probably all are already conversant with the same.


I’ve created a Google Doc for the meeting agenda + minutes. Please add any other items you’d like discussed:

@malin : Could you please set up a BlueJeans meeting for us and share the link etc. when you have a minute to spare?

Folks, the link to the BlueJeans meeting has been added to the agenda.

Please note that the meeting has been set up to be recorded this time—we thought it’ll be useful to go back to it to take notes etc. So if you’d prefer not to be, please turn your camera etc. off.

Hi all,

here is a reminder that we will soon have our first meeting. The meeting link is at the top of the agenda document.

We will record this meeting for posterity (just kidding, for notes) so please turn off your camera if you wish to not be visible, & keep your microphone muted if you wish not to be heard.


Hi all,

So how was the meeting? Sorry I couldn’t be there, 5AM is just not possible for me :slight_smile:
Did someone take notes?

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No worries… hopefully we can schedule the next meeting at a more convenient time that suits everyone (which isn’t always easy!). We took down some notes within the agenda document… they are pretty barebones for now.

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I’ve started to file tickets here for the tasks from the meeting now. If there are folks here who aren’t in the GitHub group, please ping me with your GitHub usernames so you get notifications and so on

unfortunately I missed the meeting announcement, but I would like to participate and offer sessions with neurolib, our brain network simulation toolkit (GitHub - neurolib-dev/neurolib: Easy whole-brain modeling for computational neuroscientists 👩🏿‍🔬💻🧠). What can I do to take part? Paging @sanjayankur31 :wink:

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Thanks for filing the ticket @caglarcakan . That’ll be the first step :slight_smile:

Hi folks,

Could everyone please go through the meeting logs by the end of Monday? On Tuesday, I’ll archive them on our GitHub project:

The logs are here:

If anyone isn’t in the GitHub org yet, please tell me your GitHub username and I’ll add you.

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Folks, we’re up on INCF/OCNS Software WG

The meeting logs have also been put here:

Announced on MLs, also here on Neurostars:

Hi folks, just a reminder of tomorrow’s session on Brian at 1700 UTC. Hope to see you all then!

Hi everyone !

I am Shavika Rastogi, a PhD student in the field of Neuromorphic Olfaction at Western Sydney University, Australia (https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/icns/people/research_students/shavika_rastogi). I have done my masters in Neuroscience with Computational Neuroscience as my focus area from University of Freiburg, Germany. I have the experience of working with NEST and PyNN during my masters.

As my work also involves modeling and simulation, I am also interested to know about underlying tools and software which can be used not just by computational neuroscientists but also by neuromorphs.

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Hi @Shavika202 , welcome!

If you can give me your GitHub username, I’ll also add you to the GitHub organisation so you get updates from there. That’s where we do a lot of our organisation/ticketing.

Hi @sanjayankur31 ! My github usermane is sras202. Please add me to the Github organisation.

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I’ve sent you the invite now.