OCNS Infrastructure/software/tools SIG: meet and greet, initial discussions

Hi folks,

Sorry it’s rather last minute. Here’s an abstract based on our general goals to submit to the INCF Assembly. Could you please take a look and suggest any changes when you have 2 minutes to spare?

I’ve listed everyone that is listed on our website as an author there. Please feel free to edit that information also.

Could everyone please send me their GitHub usernames if they haven’t already? We’re using discussions and tickets on GitHub more and more, so it’s the central place for us to work at:

Since we need to ensure that “all authors have read and agreed to this submission”, it’s an opt-in system. So please comment here or on GitHub or on the document before the end of the day to indicate that you’re happy to have your name on the submission. Otherwise, we won’t be able to add you as a co-author here :frowning:

I’ve added name to the document and am happy with the submission

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I’m happy with the submission!

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Thanks @jamie and @Amelie .

@danieleavitabile @zova137 : could you please take a quick look and let us know if you’re happy with it too?

@Amelie : I’ve also resent the GitHub invitation to you (amelie-aussel) to join the org there, so that you get notifications from the WG’s tickets etc.

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@ramcdougal : sorry, could you please also take a look when you have a minute and let us know if you’re happy to be on the submission?

That’s great, thanks for including me!

Thanks @danieleavitabile : would you have a GitHub account we could add to the GitHub team? We’re doing most of our discussion there and that way you’ll stay in the loop.

I’m danieleavitabile on GitHub

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Thanks. I’ve invited you to the WG team on GitHub now.

Hi @sanjayankur31 , I am late to the party but I am interested in joining this working group. (github: dhasegan ). I am a software engineer in the bay area working on Deep Learning in Healthcare. I am not up to date with the tools for Neuroscience but I want to contribute and learn as I go.

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Hi @dhasegan ! Welcome to the community!

I’ve invited you to the GitHub team now. You can see our current tasks/plans/discussions on the SoftwareWG repository on GitHub here:

We’ll have our next meeting/dev session soon, perhaps after the INCF Assembly that’s at the end of the month. If there’s anything we you’d like the WG to work on or help with etc., please do start a discussion on the GitHub repository.

Hi everyone,

From this year, we’ve decided to meet regularly on the second Monday of every month with the meeting time alternating between 1700 UTC and 0800 UTC to allow members from different time zones to participate. The next meeting is on Jan 10 at 1700 UTC. Please see the contact page for more information:


Please find the minutes from the meeting here folks:

Please comment on the ticket here, or on the notes with any thing you’d like to add:

See you at the next meeting :slight_smile: