OHBM Brainhack 2020

The Open Science Special Interest Group is very happy to announce that the 8th Annual OHBM Brainhack will be held June 23-25 at Phi Centre in Montreal.

A hackathon? For who?

At the OHBM Brainhack, members of the community gather to work collaboratively on common projects. This year we would like to especially welcome new attendees who have never been to hackathon before. We will provide TrainTrack sessions tailored for beginners and opportunities to directly apply new skills by joining a hackathon project. All members of the community are invited to take part in the OHBM Brainhack 2020!

Applications are now open for the OHBM Hackathon Travel Awards.

The Open Science Special Interest Group is pleased to offer 20 travel awards that will include free registration at the hackathon plus $500 USD that will go towards covering part of the expenses incurred to attend the hackathon. Submit your application no later than March 15th: http://ossig.netlify.com/awards.

Registration for the OHBM Brainhack will open in the middle of March.

Soon after OHBM abstract acceptances are sent out, registration for the OHBM Brainhack will open. In the past two years the hackathon was fully booked, and we therefore recommend to register early. Seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. In an effort to increase diversity at the event, we will reserve part of the seats to attendees who attend a hackathon for the first time or who come from traditionally under-represented groups in science or in past hackathons.

Please contribute your favorite TrainTrack session!

Are there specific topics that you would like to see covered in the Hackathon training sessions? Please let us know using this form.

Hello !

What is the situation of the Hackathon with the shift to virtual event ?



Sorry for the slow reply. Here are the latest news about the online hakcathon.

Just to let you know that the OHBM Hackathon will happen on June 16-18. The hackathon will be available globally through 3 hubs:

  • Americas
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Asia & Pacific

There will be 6 hours of common content in each hub and then people will be encouraged to continue hacking in the 9am-5pm range of their timezone.

We will soon open registration for ~500 attendees. You do not need to register to the OHBM conference to attend the hackathon.

We will be teaming up with the Brainhack global team to coordinate everything and we are all working very hard to make this a great event.

More updates are coming soon…



The Open-Science Special interest group (OSSIG) is very excited to share that registration for the 2020 OHBM Brainhack (OS-SIG hackathon) is now open!

:calendar: The OHBM Brainhack will happen online, June 16-18.

:pen: Register here

:bird: We tweeted more info here. We’d really appreciate you RTs.

Join the hbm-hackathon channel on the brainhack mattermost if you wanna be kept posted.

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:pray: Thank you all for your patience! The situation has forced us to course correct and figure out good ways to foster worldwide collaboration while staying at home! But we are finally ready OHBM Brainhack website and all!

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: We are committed to building a more welcoming environement. A proportion of the hackathon seats are reserved for those who attend a hackathon for the first time and those who are from traditionally under-represented groups.

:moneybag: We are providing 50 mini-grants worth 100 USD each to help hackathon attendees set up for online conferencing. Apply via the registration link

:star: To organize all this we are teaming up with the Brainhack Global team

:heart: Thank you so much for those of you who volunteered! We’ll post more info very soon on how to contribute

We can’t wait to meet you and hack and train together!

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:mega: Hear hear :mega:

:exclamation: Last minute announcement :exclamation:

The OHBM open-science special interest group will be holding a “ask me anything” session today for the OHBM Hackathon.

So drop by if you have any question about what’s a hackathon and what our plans are to run this worldwide online event…

:clock4: When: 4 PM UTC - right before the BrainWeb catch up session
:world_map: Where: on the BrainWeb Jitsi room

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:mega: Project submissions for the OHBM hackathon !! :mega:

During the online OHBM Brainhack (16-18th June), attendees will gather into sub-groups and collaboratively work on projects of their choice. And let’s be honest, many of us have a project that could benefit from a 3 day immersion in an environment full of compulsive helpers, so register to the OHBM Brainhack and submit your project! :rocket:

All kinds of projects facilitating collaboration, openness, and reproducibility within the open neuroscience community are very welcome. :sparkles:

Here is the growing list of projects we have so far. :card_file_box:

:question: Not sure about the submission process? :question:
We will be here to guide you through the project setup. :wave:

:question: Are you unsure about the suitability of your project? :question:
Get in touch with us. :mailbox:

:question: Do have any questions? :question:
Check our FAQ

:spiral_calendar: We will close submissions before the Brainhack starts, so we recommend you send a draft submission as soon as you can. :spiral_calendar:

We need your help

As we are gearing up towards the event here are a few ways to get involved and take an active role in shaping what the online OHBM Brainhack will be.

Remember to register to the OHBM Brainhack and submit your project! :sparkles:

Join the website team :building_construction:

Are you familiar with website development? Would you like to help shaping an engaging experience for Brainhack attendees? Sign up as a website team member! You will be part of a global team in charge of keeping the website up-to-date and making it more engaging, inclusive and welcoming. More information here.

Become a host for the welcome desk :wave:

Would you like to help orientate Brainhack attendees throughout the event? Provide a relaxed space for informal chat? Sign up as a welcome desk host! You will chat with attendees and provide any feedback they need. More information here.

Help with the project review :white_check_mark:

Are you keen on helping Brainhack backstage? Making sure that projects follow guidelines that will help onboard new members? Sign up as a project monitor! In the weeks preceding Brainhack, you will review submitted projects and support project leads to follow Brainhack project setup guidelines. During Brainhack, you will encourage project lead to provide short documentation on what happened at the end of each day. More info here.

Sign up for the helpdesk :rescue_worker_helmet:

Ready to share your technical expertise at the Brainhack? Sign up for the Brainhack helpdesk and answer attendees’ technical questions during the event. As a member of the helpdesk you will monitor the helpdesk channel and answer any questions related to your expertise. More information here.

Become a hackathon buddy :man_teacher:

You have already attended a brainhack, are keen in welcoming new members in the Brainhack community? Sign up as a Brainhack buddy! You will be paired with an attendee who is coming to their first hackathon. You will spend 1-hour a day with them during the event to help their onboarding. More information here.

Be part of our social media communications :iphone:

Would you like to help developing Brainhack social media communications? Sign up as a member of the social media team! You will be part of a global team in charge of spreading our communications for the OHBM Brainhack.

Hi - is there an email available to contact the organisers?

When I was registering, the form wasn’t accepting my address (giving me an error, saying that it didn’t match what is on my credit card account), but I finally got it working. However, on my credit card statement, I’m seeing multiple charges for the registration (4), even though I only have one true confirmation email for payment. I can provide a screenshot and more info by email. Just wondering if this is only a hold that was being applied when your account was trying to debit this payment, and if will be cleared in a few days or if I should do something else to not get these charges applied…

Oh no.

Sorry to hear this.

Get in touch with Camille at this address. I will let her know this is coming.

She should know who to patch you with on the OHBM side (they are in charge of the money not us).

:rotating_light: :rotating_light: :brain: SUBMISSION DEADLINE :brain: :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

The OHBM 2020 Brainhack project submission will close this Saturday at midnight anywhere on Earth.


So. Don’t. Panic.

Breath in.

Breath out.

Register first: http://www.humanbrainmapping.org/HackathonReg

And then submit here: https://github.com/ohbm/hackathon2020/issues/new/choose

And you are good to go.

Is it too late to participate? I am interested to participate at buddy/helpdesk/website and added my name in the form.

have you regsitered?

I have registered for the conference but yet to register for Brainhack.

if you are based in the Americas hub, we are closing in 20 minutes because we are “at over-capacity.”


I have paid and registered for the OHBM brainhack, however have not received any login information despite receiving a receipt for the payment. I am trying to access the asia/pacific hub, and I have contacted someone from OHBM brainhack but they did not provide me with any details.
Could someone suggest what I should do?

Thank you.

Sorry just saw that now.

Did you eventually get the email?

Our mailing system has been failing us it seems.

Sorry about that.

Have you joined our mattermost space: this would help us give you more info to fix the problem