Open positions at Darmiyan

Dear colleagues,

Darmiyan is developing a diagnostic software platform for the early detection, monitoring and stratification of Alzheimer’s disease and is currently hiring a few talented people to grow the team.

Specifically, we are looking for a Director of Medical Software Engineering, a Senior Medical Imaging Scientist and a Senior Medical Machine Learning Practitioner.

The company is based in San Francisco, compensation is competitive and we are open to hire people remotely.

More details on the positions below.

If interested, or if you know someone who could, please reach out to

Many thanks!

Senior Medical Imaging Scientist

You are proficient in Python and have supreme skills in brain MRI image processing with minimum 5 years of industry experience. Formal education in MR physics or computational neuroscience is a plus. You will be responsible to maintain and expand Darmiyan’s image processing pipeline, which will include advanced coding and proper quality control (QC), as well as assuring robustness and proper maintenance of detailed documentation. You will be responsible for maintaining an organized database of brain image files (original and processed images, intermediate files and color maps) and generating detailed analytics such as QC metrics, processing times, and unexpected anomalies. You will extract and summarize the final numerical outputs of the image processing pipeline into standardized tabular data and will hand them off, together with organized processed images, to the machine learning and AI expert(s) for further analysis.

Senior Medical Machine Learning Practitioner

You are proficient in Python and biostatistics and will be responsible for Darmiyan’s core machine learning and deep learning pipelines. Your work will be strictly guided by FDA’s regulatory guidelines for machine learning and AI. You will merge the outputs of the image processing pipeline with the relevant metadata, perform the necessary QC, generate QC metrics and feedback and build and test appropriate learning algorithms and blind tests in compliance with the regulatory guidelines. You will be responsible to report detailed output of these learning models with analytics and data visualization.

Director of Medical Software Engineering

You are a seasoned software engineer and avid coder with long industry experience in medical software development and first-hand experience with the regulatory frameworks surrounding digital healthcare technologies and software as a medical device (SaMD), such as HIPAA, GDPR, FDA guidelines, etc. You are proficient in Python, Docker, and cloud computation, as well as UI/UX and back-end development. You will be responsible for development and deployment of Darmiyan’s product, which will require integration of the core image processing pipeline with the relevant machine learning /AI components and metadata processing modules, within Darmiyan’s established regulatory compliance framework. You will work closely with Darmiyan’s CTO for seamless and agile integration of newly developed MRI feature extraction code scripts into the image processing pipeline, for which you will also develop the necessary APIs and GUIs. You will also be responsible for the maintenance of Darmiyan’s cloud resources and software development cycle.



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