Open source E-Prime

I’m mostly working from home because of COVID but occasionally need to go into the lab to work on E-Prime tasks. This is a bit of a pain because it takes a while to get from my house to the lab so I was wondering if there are any open source (or MATLAB) tools to edit E-Prime experiments or analyze edat files that I could run here at home. Even something to convert edat files to xlsx would be helpful. Thanks!

I’m not aware of any open source tools for editing E-Prime experiments, although I do think some folks have had success SSHing onto their lab E-Prime computers from their home computers. I haven’t tried it myself though.

My convert-eprime package can convert the automatically-generated txt files you get with your edats into csvs. A better long-term solution, though, is to write out BIDS-compatible events files from your E-Prime tasks directly.