openMINDS Community Forum (virtual)

The open Metadata Initiative for Neuroscience Data Structures, short openMINDS, is the overall umbrella for a set of integrated metadata models for describing neuroscience research products in graph databases. openMINDS is powered by HBP and EBRAINS, but looking for external contributions throughout the neuroscience community. Within EBRAINS, the openMINDS metadata models are adopted by the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph and Atlas Service. In addition, openMINDS will be supported by The Virtual Brain (TVB) and is currently in the process of being adopted by the Japan Brain/MINDS project. For integrating and maintaining community-wide accepted neuroscience ontologies, we are closely collaborating with the INCF Knowledge Space and the InterLex project (a core component of the SciCrunch infrastructure of the FAIR Data Informatics Lab, formerly known as the Neuroscience Information Framework).

The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for the community to discuss and contribute to openMINDS.