Openneuro-cli Error: [ERR_STREAM_PREMATURE_CLOSE ]

I’m getting the following error when trying to upload a dataset using the openneuro-cli:

>> openneuro upload -i --dataset ds012345 .\BIDS_EXPORT\

Adding files to "ds012345 "
        Summary:                  Available Tasks:        Available Modalities:
        229 Files, 40.34GB        HID                     EEG
        45 - Subjects
        1 - Session

        If you have any questions, please post on

Checking remote files...
499 files to be uploaded with a total size of 40.8 GB
? Begin upload? Yes
Starting a new upload (3765c30d) to dataset: 'ds012345 '
ds012345 [----------------------------------------] 0% | ETA: 0s | 0/499
Error [ERR_STREAM_PREMATURE_CLOSE]: Premature close
    at ClientHttp2Stream.onclose (node:internal/streams/end-of-stream:159:30)
    at ClientHttp2Stream.emit (node:events:531:35)
    at closeStream (node:internal/http2/core:1946:14)
    at Http2Stream.onStreamClose (node:internal/http2/core:556:5) {


Upload Complete
To publish the update go to and create a new snapshot

I am able to upload these folders manually using the website interface without issues, but each folder takes quite a while to upload and I have almost 50 folders worth of data to upload.