Openneuro-cli: error: openneuro-*(1) does not exist


This is probably an elementary issue, but I cannot login via the openneuro-cli. This is on macOS Mojave.

When showing the options for login (“Choose an OpenNeuro instance to us”), it throws an error: error: openneuro-*(1) does not exist

I can’t figure out what that is referring to.

(For what it’s worth, I had an issue just before this with openneuro-cli not finding the “react” package, which went away after re-installing react and react-dom with npm, and adding react to packages .json; I couldn’t get past this “react” error on CentOS.)

Thank you!

Hi @gewimmer

Thank you for your message. This may be related to the previous issue you mentioned. By chance are you using the latest version of the cli?

Thank you,