Openneuro dataset issues


Yesterday, I uploaded the dataset and published v1.0.0 of the dataset.

I wanted to change the title of the dataset and to add additional information in various section. The problem is that after I do the desired changes , when I click on save the progress bar spins for minutes without any error message.
In addition, there’s a message saying Incomplete Upload or Edit. There’s no change in the data since v.1.0.0 on the draft version.
I also noticed that the dataset is not listed in : . Is that normal ?

Could you please help us?

I did all the operations from the webpage, using Chrome Version 79.0.3945.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Hi @alexfoias, we’ve been having some issues with some operations taking orders of magnitude longer than they should, resulting in timeouts. We’re trying to determine the cause(s) of these problems, and will resolve this as soon as possible.

Could you open an issue on so that the development team can keep track of your dataset during this process?

Sure, I opened an issue here: