OpenNeuro Feature request: Link to latest snapshot?

Is it possible to link to the latest snapshot of a data set on OpenNeuro? If you just link to a data set like so it will go to the earliest snapshot, which in my view doesn’t really seem desirable. It would be good to either have the “naked” link go to the latest snapshot, or being able to do something like go to the latest version. My preference would be the former, to be clear.

What do you think? @franklin, is this something you can address?

Hi @pjkohler

Thank you for raising this! The linking will sometimes go to the first snapshot or to the latest. The redirect would likely be desirable to the latest snapshot. We currently have a system that can link to a particular snapshot, but not with the latest tag. (ie. - the 1.0.1 listing)

We can look into the redirect and push to the latest snapshot.

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Thanks, I agree that redirect to the latest snapshot would be most desirable.

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Looking further - this is currently the action we have in OpenNeuro. It will redirect to the latest dataset (will look at your dataset to see what may be happening) perhaps because you have write (draft) access it is going to your drafts vs latest snapshot. We do have a known bug that sometimes will direct to oldest snapshot vs newest. I think for owners it makes sense to send to the drafts (as opposed to the latest snapshot)

The following data sets go to the earliest snapshot, not the latest:

When opened in a private window in firefox.

That is true for this data set as well, but as you know there may be some other issues with that:

Thank you for raising these particular datasets for me! I have documented these datasets to the team to determine what may be the root cause of this issue.

Thank you!

hi @franklin, same problem here:
thank you for looking into it,

Hi @jcohenadad

Thank you for raising this! I have added your dataset to the documented sets that do not follow the intended behavior of directing to the latest snapshot.

Thank you!

Hi @pjkohler and @jcohenadad

Wanted to follow up on this to say that we have addressed and implemented this.

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