Openneuro-subject code

Dear all,
I like to upload my data to openneuro.

  1. I had 2 groups: control (CTRL) and patients (PAT).
    In the published article I added a table with subjects’ code from each group and their behavioral scores.
    Thus, instead of sub-01 until sub-40… I like to mark CTRL-01 (to CTRL-20) and PAT-01 (to PAT-20) (as in my article), will bids-validator approve it? can I upload it to openneuro or it must be sub-01…
  2. Each subject had 2 runs (the same session): manipulation and blank (no-manipulation). How I can add this data? can I add it only to the “_events.tsv” (for example: “sub-01_task-manipulation_run-01_events.tsv”) or I must also change the name of the nii.gz? (currently sub-01_task_run-01_bold.nii.gz).

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Hi @Tali_Weiss

Thank you for your message and happy to hear you would like to share your data on OpenNeuro! Answering your 2 questions:

  1. The validator will flag CTRL-01 as an invalid name because BIDS denotes sub as the key-value pair to define the participant (following naming similar to question 2). Perhaps denoting the participant groups in the participants.tsv? Passing the bids-validator is needed for uploading onto OpenNeuro.

  2. To clarify - adding this data as in the task information (e.g. onset and duration coding)? Yes, the events file looks good to do that. The filename for events looks good too. Though, the task key in your nii.gz file does not have a value. The filename can be: sub-01_task-manipulation_run-01_bold.nii.gz

Perhaps a recommendation could be transforming one subject into the BIDS standard and validating against the BIDS validator. Once this has been confirmed you can be surer that your dataset will pass validation.

Thank you,

Thank you, now it is clear!