Openneuro upload stuck


I’m in the process of uploading an MRI dataset (approx. 4GB) to openneuro, but my upload keeps getting stuck when the progress bar has reached the end. It is not a BIDS error. I just wanted to ask if it’s normal to wait a long time (multiple hours) for the final step after the progress bar has filled. Or any ideas what might cause this problem? I’m using Firefox 73.0.1.


Hi @Nicole

Thank you for your message and welcome to NeuroStars! We are actively working on enhancing our upload performance and this is one of the areas we are focusing on! This may have hit a timeout. I looked and it appears your dataset was successfully uploaded.

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Dear Franklin,

yes, I noticed actually that the project had been uploaded multiple times in ‘my dashboard’. Sorry, I should have checked that myself. The actual upload window still says ‘Upload dataset…’, which confused me. I hope this will be somehow helpful for other people who are wondering about the same thing.

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