OpenNeuro Viewer only shows a few TRs

Hello all,

it used to be that you could step through all of the TRs in an fMRI dataset using the left and right arrow keys, but that no longer seems to be the case. The viewer seems to update for the first few TRs, and then stops. Here is an example, in a recent dataset, but I also see it in much older data. Is this a deliberate decision or a glitch? Am I missing something?

I was also wondering how to get the nice 3D picture of the brain, included in the viewer. I see it for the recent file above, but not for my own older data.



We dropped it to 5 volumes for speed reasons. There used to be an ellipsis to allow loading the rest of the file, but I don’t see it now. Would you mind opening an issue?

The 3D image is auto-generated by niivue, the tool being used for visualization. It seems to go away when the width of the browser window causes the image to become three horizontal panes instead of 2x2 panes. Resizing your window should make it reappear.

Done, I think. I see the fancy 3D image in the old data now, thanks.