Opportunity for a past INCF GSoC Contributor to attend the Mentor Summit this year

Dear all,

As part of the GSoC 20th anniversary celebration, GSoC will open up 20 spaces at the 2024 GSoC Mentor Summit for past GSoC contributors/students to attend. INCF will only be able to nominate 1 past contributor/student. The successful candidate will meet the criteria listed below:

  • Alumni Delegate should be a former GSoC contributor that is still actively involved in your community (as a maintainer, writing documentation, organizing meetings for your org, on your board, etc.)

  • Had to be a GSoC contributor/student between 2005-2021 and is still active in your community today. It’s okay if they went away from the community for a while as long as they are currently active in your open source community

  • The person does not have to be involved in the GSoC 2024 program (their last involvement in GSoC could have been in 2005)

If you or a former mentee meet the above criteria and would like to be nominated, please notify me, mathew@incf.org, by 3 July 2024.