Order of different runs

Hello everyone,

I have a question about how heudiconv treats the order of different runs. Lets say that I have to resting state runs in the same session.

Does heudiconv assigns run-01/run-02 randomly? or it automatically assigns run-01 to the first RS acquired?

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It depends on how your heuristics.py is defined, but most use the item key for the run number, which is the index of the group is from. I believe it should be consistent, the files read from the filesystem are sorted before being used.

@mgxd can you confirm?

heudiconv groups the series in ascending order - you can see the order of a particular subject’s scan if you look at the dicominfo.tsv file generated in <output-directory>/.heudiconv/<subject>/info/

so if you have two T1 series during a scan session (1 at the beginning and 1 at the end) and you assign both to a key with the {item} formatter, item-1 will be the first scan and item-2 will be the last.

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Great! Thank you very much!!! This info was very useful!