Organization a bit like NMA but for younger audiences

We are always trying to avoid spamming you guys. But I thought I would pass on this invitation from NeurON.

The Neuroscience Outreach Network, strives to unify and bolster outreach programs that enable access to education in neuroscience for k-12 students in underserved communities. The network helps to tailor virtual and classroom lessons and materials to individual grade levels, from kindergarten to 12th grade and beyond. The effort not only involves catering lessons and materials to teachers and students, but also caretakers in their native language (e.g., Spanish), as learning extends beyond the classroom. Further aims include helping students connect with neuroscientists and mentoring programs to help bridge the STEM preparatory-to-college pipeline. NeurON currently has two active primary initiatives: Health and the Brain, and Data Science for All. ‘Health and the Brain’ focuses on providing insights into how diet and lifestyle factors, such as exercise, relate to brain health. ‘Data Science for All’ leverages mathematical methods and systems across a breadth of disciplines to help bridge the world of statistical models with neural science, and seeks to democratize computer science education.
NeurON is currently seeking volunteers to help curate and develop content, as well as help manage implementation and fundraising efforts.
To get in touch with NeurON, you can send an email to